About us

Why us?

WeWorkOffice was founded on the experience of partners who have been creating a friendly working environment in the office for 16 years. We create comfortable and ergonomic workplaces, we develop comprehensive designs and perform fit-out projects.

The key values for us are people and their comfort, as well as health and ecology. An extensive experience in cooperation with companies helps us perceive the project as an action strategy. By focusing on results, we help our clients to imagine a better future and achieve success. We use the project potential to generate innovative solutions that affect reality.

Fit-out projects

We know how important a properly adapted space is for efficient and comfortable work, therefore, based on our extensive experience, we create fit-out projects. The offices we create are equipped with all the elements essential for effective work – all to improve the comfort of work.

We deliver comprehensive projects – after project completion, the only thing an employee needs to work is her/his own computer. The offices are fully adapted to the users’ needs – we provide comprehensive office spaces, reception desks, conference rooms, chill-out zones, and social rooms. The number of furniture, their size or arrangement is fully flexible and depends on the expectations of a given company.

Common space to achieve various objectives

Together with other Riva Finance Capital Group companies, we can rent office space for coworking – this is a special group of offices as it focuses on creating work space for various clients – people not related to one company or acting for a specific purpose. Everyone works on their own account, so when creating this type of solutions, flexibility and multi-functionality of space is extremely important.

21st century office spaces

The work style is constantly evolving, and thus the demand for office equipment is also changing. At WeWorkOffice, we arrange spaces based on the analysis of needs and current trends. To better understand the specifics of our clients’ work, we conduct work environment surveys on an ongoing basis and fully optimise our offers.

We implement projects based on the Agile methodology, which is characterised by high agility of work in short cycles, operation in accordance with the list of priorities and high flexibility. This approach differs from the classic one, as it focuses on working in small teams with specific objectives. 

Our team

We are part of the RIVA FINANCE Capital Group

For several dozen years, the Riva Finance Capital Group through its Group company – BPRW S.A.– BPRW S.A. (Warsaw Development Planning Office) and BPRP (Poland Development Planning Office), has had developed relationships with most cities and municipalities in Poland, implementing over 1,000 procured projects in the broadly understood field of spatial planning. The company has also implemented planning projects for other countries. Over several dozen years of its activity on the market, the Riva Finance Capital Group has developed the unique, direct relations with the majority of leading development companies in Poland, which are the Group’s final recipients of development properties in Poland prepared for investment. In the future, Riva Finance Capital Group will strengthen its leading position in the field of preparing local plans and investment plots for developers in Poland, also extending its activity to other countries.