New Normal vs Office Design

The global pandemic definitely influenced the dynamics of changes in the work of the majority of society. Many people today are wondering about the design of offices of the future. Does the pandemic promote development or does it destroy proven ways of working?

Let’s look at the situation differently. Who did expect a global pandemic a few years ago? A disease that is hard to deal with by scientists, doctors and governments of this world. And yet anything is possible. We live in a new reality. Every change – even if it seems harmful, when well used and perceived in the right way, can bring benefits.


Recently, many of us have worked remotely, we have discovered some advantages. The role of the office as a place of interaction and interpersonal contact, as a creative space, has also been emphasised.

When working remotely for a long time, which is definitely not conducive to creativity and innovation, our perception of the office has changed. Our expectations in relation to our workplace have changed.  This space has been redefined, it has become for us a place for creative meetings, an area of productivity and cooperation. Therefore, redefining the approach to designing is very important, it has to evolve, change its nature and, above all, should be favourable to efficiency of employees.


Redefining office space creates the opportunity to think more deeply about the real benefits for employers and their companies. It affects the better use of office space, greater employee productivity, and thus greater profits for entrepreneurs.  In a redesigned office, the flexibility of space and its adaptation to specific needs clearly affects the well-being of employees.  The office becomes not only the place where the employees stay, but it also supports the specific functions in business.


The pandemic stimulated our creativity, willingness to act and reorganise offices. It has become an opportunity to optimize business processes. Therefore, the cooperation with experts is essential.

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